Thursday, August 6, 2009

No more

So, I quit WoW a few weeks ago and therefore don't do any RP on there. I still have kept my characters going in a new world though. I may start posting some stuff in the future, but as of now there will be nothing more on this page. I'll throw up a link in the future if I start somewhere. Until then, thanks to all 2 people who read my stuff. I appreciate you guys.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Jast: Fight for Your Life (Pt. 4)

The gloomy morning was no better for Jast. Every inch of his body ached and his wounds still throbbed with pain. He woke with Milyn and gathered his things and began the long journey back to Silvermoon. The world seemed to brighten slightly when he entered Eversong and the going was easier. As travelers passed him on the roads they would stare at him awkwardly. Jast smiled to himself every time this happened. No self-respecting Blood Elf would be caught dead looking as terrible as he did. It was a good thing Jast wasn't self-respecting. After a long and painful walk the gates of Silvermoon loomed ahead of him. The gold and crimson almost blinding him as the sun set reflected of it. Jast sighed and walked into the city.

The city was busy even in the evening. There were no crowds, but there were people everywhere he looked. It unnerved him. He began to make his way toward the healers on the other end of the city. He pulled the money pouch he got from the deal to see how much he could afford to spend on healing. As he pulled it open his heart sank. The pouch was full of copper coins, barely enough to buy him a decent meal. He should have figured those crooks would cheat him. He closed the pouch and stowed it away. It was time to pay someone a visit, and hope everything worked out. This was the last thing he wanted to do, but as desperate as he was it had to happen.

Jast entered the inn cautiously. He was lucky this was one of the less reputable taverns in the city or he would have been thrown out with his current appearance. He looked around the room for his help. The inn was crowded. Many races crowded the bar and tables spaced throughout the building. They all seemed untrustworthy. His eyes finally caught a glimpse of of shining silver hair in the distance. He began to push his way through the crowd with Milyn right behind him. He caught up with the woman he saw and grabbed her arm. She quickly spun around and the initial look of anger on her face became a look of surprise.
"Hello Dani." Jair's voice was flat and emotionless.
"What the hell are you doing here?" She looked down at his side. "And, what the hell happened to you?"
"Deal gone south. I got tore up bad." Jair shifted so he could lean against a support to take the weight off his bad leg.
"What kind of deal? Are you in trouble again?"
"No. I'm not in trouble, and it's best if you don't know." He looked away from her trying not to meet her eyes.
"Why are you always doing this?" She grabbed his chin and turned his face to look at her. "You just run off and leave me worrying." She let go of him and shook her head slgihtly. "Why do you keep coming back?"
"I don't know. I didn't have much of a choice as you can see."
She looked him over and frowned. "You wouldn't have come here for no reason. I know you wouldn't see me unless you wanted something. What is it?"
Jair looked away nervously again. "I... I need some money. I was stiffed on the job. I don't have any money to get patched up."
She crossed her arms and glared at him. "Figures. Apparently the people who care about you don't matter unless you need something. I don't know why I talk to you still."
"Daniella, please I just need to borrow some money to get patched up. I'll pick up some work and pay you back."
He voice started to choak up slightly. "You will never have legitimate work. You are talented, but you can't listen to anyone or even deal with people. I'm sick of helping you Jast." She began to turn away from him. Jast quickly reached out and grabbed her arm again, spinning her to face him again.
"Please, just help me out. I'll pay you back. I just need to get fixed up. I have holes in everything I own including myself. You know I'm good for it. I won't ask for anything again."
She rolled her eyes at him. "Don't lie to me. You won't pay me back and you will ask again."
Jast knew that was true. He couldn't pay her back anything he owed her. He looked into her eyes. "Please..." Milyn let out a small whine next to him.
Daniella looked down at Milyn then back at Jast. Tears began to form in the corner of her eyes. She reached into pouch at her side. "Fine, just stop doing this to me. Stay or go. I'm sick of your lies, Jast. Just go." She slapped a small handful of coins into his hand and looked at him with tearing eyes.
"Thanks Dani. I can always count on you to help me out." He grabbed her hand and gave it a tight squeeze.
"Just get out." She turned and walked back behind the bar and began to fill drinks. Jast stood and watched her for awhile before looking down at Milyn.
"Lets get fixed up girl." They both slowly walked out into the lamp lit streets of the golden city.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Jast: Fight for Your Life (Pt. 3)

The undead glared at him. Their eyes burned with hate. They wore black robes that seemed to move with an unearthly wind. He stood looking back at them trying to formulate an escape plan. One of them raised his hand up and it began to burn with an unearthly fire. Jast looked at them in terror. "There is no need to do anything. Just let me go. I won't say anything, I'll give the money back. I promise." They didn't move or speak as he pleaded with them. They stood motionless watching him beg for his life. When he finished one of them seemed to smile very slightly before the fire left it's hand and struck Jast in his right side sending him flying backwards into the river. The fire burned worse than anything he had ever felt. It seemed to burn into his soul. Even as he hit the water he could still feel it burning. It felt like nothing could extinguish it. The pain overwhelemed him as he was swept under the river.

He woke some time later on the bank of the river. His lungs burned from swallowing water, his side stopped burning but was painful, and he could barely carry himself on his wounded leg. He looked around to see if the two undead had followed him. They were nowhere to be seen, but Milyn was laying only a few feet away from him. As he stood Milyn perked up and trotted over to him. He put his hand on her head and stroaked it. "I'm alright girl, it's ok. Lets find some place to bed down for a bit." He hobbled a short distance into the woods and decided on a group of trees that were growing close to a steep hill. He built a makeshift bed out of grass and leafy branches. He lay down on it and tended to hisw wounds. He covered and bandaged them the best he could, but between the pain, fatigue, and being soaked he just needed to rest. He lay his head down to sleep, planning his move for tommorow. He felt Milyn cuddle up next to him and lay her head on his chest. For the first time in a long time he smiled. He put an arm around Milyn and pet her slowly. Everything will work out he thought. Tommorow is a new day and we will make it.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Jast: Fight for Your Life (Pt. 2)

The orc gave Jast a confused look before being knocked to the ground by a pouncing cat. Jast unslung his rifle and fired a shot at Garec hitting him in the shoulder and causing him a yelp in pain. Jast instantly spun around and began to run for the brush. He shouted back as he ran, "Milyn, let's go. Now!" He glanced back to see Milyn catching up with him, her face stained with blood. Most of it the orc's he assumed. Looking past her he saw the orc began to get up. He mentally cursed at them as he focused back on getting to the cover of the forest. A few strides from the forest a tearing pain shot through his thigh. He shouted and fell head first into the thick brush. He looked down at his left leg to see a flat knife sticking out of it. He flipped over so he was sitting with the rifle in his lap and gripped the knife. He gritted his teeth and pulled the blade out. Blood oozed from the wound onto the ground. There would be no time to bandage it now. It was time for a new plan. He quickly loaded a round into his rifle and waited.

He heard the four approach. He breathed slow and quiet, not moving a muscle. The orc's body broke through the brush. Jast pulled the trigger without looking. The rifle went off only a few feet from the orc. He flew back out of the brush as the bullet tore through him. Jast quickly began to get up and run as he heard Garec shout "What the hell!" from across the rivine. Jast tore off through the brush as fast as his wounded leg would carry him. The brush tore at him, ripping his clothes and his flesh. After what felt like an eternity of running he stumbled into the clearing around the river. Me walked over to the bank and stood trying to catch his breath. He looked at the river. It was a strong current and would be a tough swim in his current condition. He could head back into the woods and try and hide, but his leg would leave a blood trail that almost anyone could track. He looked down at Milyn, "Swim over and meet me on the other side girl. I'm gonna find another way across." She flattened her ears and gave him a sad look. He gave her a stern look, "Don't give me that. I'll be fine. Go now." Milyn turned and began to swim across the river. He stood and watched as she climbed onto the opposite bank, looked back and him and walked into the brush. He breathed a heavy sigh, and turned to look for a better way across. As he turned his face took on a look of despair. He stared at the two undead not more than ten yards away from him.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Jast: Fight for Your Life (Pt. 1)

He knew this was a terrible idea. He hardly knew half the people he was working for, and did not trust the other half. He stood in the gloomy valley of the Ghostlands waiting for his buyers to show up. He came into a decent amount of assorted herbs and ingredients that apparently caught the interest of some group in the Undercity. He knew nothing about them and he did not like that. The past had taught him that a little legwork goes a long way, and helps keep you alive. Unfortunatly, caution had to wait. He was broke, hadn't eaten in days and needed supplies and repairs desperatly. He may have hated going into any settlement, but he knew when it was nessesary.

They finally arrived and Jast instally knew he was set up. Four figures walked into the ravine ahead of him. One was a blood elf, another an orc, and the last two appeared to be undead. Jast stood alone on the opposite end of the ravine as the four stopped about five paces from him.
"You were supposed to only bring one other person, Garec." Jast shouted over to them.
The blood elf gave a smirk then responded, "I may need help carrying everything if you are true to your word, wanderer."
Jast stared at him blankly for a few moment before finally responding, "Whatever, where is my money."
"Where are the goods?"
"I stashed them. Give me my money first."
Garec faked a smile back at him, "Very well." He handed a small pouch to the orc who began to walk towards Jast. He watched the orc carefully. The orc carried two daggers sheathed on his lower legs, well crafted black leathers covered his body, and each step was carefully placed. A damn rogue Jast though. As the rogue approached Jast held out his hand for the pouch. As the rogue roughly gave handed Jast the pouch one of the orc's daggers was quickly at Jast's throat. The orc was in front of him holding a dagger to his neck.
"What the hell is going on Garec!" Jast shouted past the orc.
"I don't have time to be fooling around, where are the goods. I am willing to cut my losses on this one if you understand me." Garec paced slowly from side to side.
"Alright, Alright. It's on the east side of the river about twenty paces east and thirty south of the falls. It's hiddent between two trees and a rock covered by brush."
Garec looked at him for a few moments. "That answer is good enough for me. Threk, kill him."
The orc turned and smiled at Jast. He looked back at the orc and spoke softly, "Bad idea, boy-o."

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Daear: The Hunt(Pt. 3)

The pain seared through Daear's shoulder causing the big Tauren to let out a roar of pain.He rolled to his feet causing the hyena to lose its hold on his shoulder. Daear's eyes boiled with fury as he went for his hammer lying a short distance away. The hyena saw this and moved to cut him off letting out a growl. A flash of light illuminated the darkness and fire impacted the hyena from Daear's flame shock, causing the beast to yelp and back off slightly. The Tauren seized his hammer and swung wildly to defend himself from the now charging hyena. The hammer struck the hyena broadside sending it rolling away into the darkness as Daear used the opening to get to his feet. He braced himself and stared into the darkness waiting for the hyena to charge him again. The beast soon came charging into view. Daear motioned his hands for a call and the hyena's movements slowed to a labored crawl as its fur became covered in frost and its joints froze. Daear used the surprise to land a mighty blow on the beast with his hammer. The sound of the hyena's bones cracking echoed into the Barrens. The beast rolled a short distance away and remained still.
Daear breathed a long sigh of relief as he started to turn back toward the camp. As he shifted he notice a figure off in the moonlight. The realization came to Daear an instant too late as the centaur's arrow pierced Daear's previously unwounded shoulder causing the Tauren to drop his hammer and stumble back slightly. Off to the Daear's side a gout of flame illuminated the night as Ero's gun fired. The deafening bang was shortly followed by a crash as the centaur stumbled and fell and continued to thrash around. Daear looked over at Ero as the hunter lit a torch. "Your shot was a little late." Daear joked.
"It was right on time as far as I can see." Ero walked over and began examining Daear's wound in the torchlight. "You should just be glad his aim was as bad as my timing."
Daear smiled through the pain. "I guess should be thankful.. Ahh!" Ero ripped the arrow out of Daear's shoulder suddenly. Blood oozed out of the jagged puncture wound down Daear's arm. "Why didn't you warn me?" Daear managed to cough through the pain with a frustrated tone.
"If I would have warned you then you would have tensed up. That would have torn the muscle worse. Just let me bandage it." Ero began to tear pieces of cloth from his shirt to use as bandages.
"Don't bother with that." Daear winced as he put his hand to his shoulder and a soft glow emanated from his hand. When he removed it the wound was sealed and all that remained was the trail of blood down his arm. "The elements will help me mend."
Ero looked at his torn shirt with some distaste. "You could have told me that before I ruined my shirt." In the distance a wail pierced the darkness and more thrashing sounds continued.
Daear's face became emotionless like a stone. "We should go deal with the wounded one." He stood, retrieved his hammer and began walking toward the wounded centaur with Ero close behind.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Jast: Introduction to Jast Durien

[The following is an OOC description of Jast Durien's history and personality.]

Jast is the kind of person who hates trouble, but always finds it. It could be attributed tohim being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but more likely it is his knack for saying the wrong thing to the wrong person. Jast was a wander by nature. He spent most of his childhood in the forests of Quel'Thalas and little time anywhere around a settlement. He disliked being around groups of people because he never quite understood how to deal with them. His constant withdrawal made him detached, but he still longed for a sense of belonging in the civilized world. He never really had a good reason for disliking people, he just never could quite get along with them. Eventually he left Quel'Thalas and wandered most of the known world with his companion Milyn. Milyn was a Ghostclaw lynx that Jast found. He found Milyn when she was just a cub while wandering in the forest. The cub had been abandoned and he took to her quickly. Milyn is the only creature in the world Jast can truly trust to come through for him and the only thing Jast cares for.
Shortly after the second war Jast spend some time with some Gnomes who taught him the basics of engineering and showed him their rifles. Jast instantly took to the rifles and gave up using a bow completely. He enjoyed tinkering with his gun trying to get the most power out of it. It also helped him discover his knack for making many kinds of devices. He learned to make and use explosives, scopes, goggles, and many other gadgets. His time with the Gnomes was short lived due to some disagreements that resulted in Jast running from the camp.
After the third war when the Blood Elves' allegiances changed it meant very little to Jast. He had not made many friends during his time with the Alliance so the new affiliation of the Blood Elf race with the Horde gave him a new start. He slowly started integrating himself in society, and began taking hunting and scouting jobs for the Forsaken. He got along with the Forsaken well, who seemed to think more like him, and most of the Horde in general. His relationship with the Blood Elves remained unchanged and was still strained.